[Bus Driver]

◎ At the Airport

1. (Text) Hello, My name is James. Are you Tom as a bus driver for our group? We are on board (EI 3257). I will text you when we arrive dublin airport. Thank you.

2. (Text) Now We have arrived, I will call you when we collect all our luggages and ready to go out.

3, (Calling) Hello, now we are going out. We are coming to the meeting point.

4. (Calling) I can not see you at the meeting point. Could you explain where to meet.

5. (Text) The flight is delayed for 1 hour, so it will be arrive around 23:20.

6. (Talking) Hello, nice to meet you. I am James and these are our group.

7. (Talking) Now we are all on board, let’s go to hilton glasgow hotel please.

8. (Talking) Have we arrived? When will we be arrived? How long dose it take get hotel?

9. (Talking) Thank you for your safety driving. See you tomorrow at 11:00 here.

◎ At the Hotel and some place

1. (Text) Hello, My name is James. Are you Paul as a bus driver for our group staring tomorrow at Gleneagles Hotel?

2. (Calling) Hello, when are you coming? We are waiting for you.

3. (Talking) Two people are not coming. I will go and collect them.

4. (Talking) We will spend here for 20 minutes. meet again in 20 minutes.

5. (Talking) We will spend here for 3 hours. meet again at 19:30 (half past seven) at Old course Hotel.

[Hotel front desk]

1. I would like to check in, please. I would like to check in for my group, please

2. When is the check out time?

3. I’d like to check out later. Is that okay?

4. Where is restaurant? What time is the breakfast? Can I get menu?

5. What is the password of Wi-Fi?

6. The door of my client room won’t open, can you help me?

7. The room of my client is too cold, can you adjust temperature.

8. The power switch of my client room is off. can you check this matter?

9. The room of my client hasn’t been cleaned yet.

10. The air-conditioner doesn’t work.

11. Make up the there room please.

12. There room next to mine is making too much noise yesterday.

13. (Request) Excuse me, Could you book a taxi for our group at 10:00 tomorrow morning?

14. (Check) I have asked taxi booking yesterday for our group 9 people at 10:00 today morning. Can I check the booking?

15. Could you carry luggages of my group to the room?

16. Could you keep golf bags of my group?

17. Could you collect golf bags of my group?

* (Request at Old course hotel) Excuse me, Could you book a taxi or a vehicle service for our client who will be stay this hotel at 23th Oct for 3days. They are Kong Seung Hyun and his wife. They will play at 10:20 24th Oct at Kingbarns course, so book a taxi at 9:20 morning. And they will play at 10:16 25th Oct at New course, so book a vehicle service at 09:30 morning. Also they will play at 10:30 26th Oct at Castle course, so book a vehicle service at 9:30 same time.

[The Clubhouse]

1. Hello, We have a reservation under the name of Lim party for 8 golfers.

2. And we have 2 buggies, how much is that? Can they pay by credit card?

3. Where is the buggy? where is the lock room? where is the number 1 hall?

4. Where is the restaurant?

5. We have a reservation at 11:30 for 9 people for lunch.

6. What is the menu in halfway house?

7. Excuse me, Could you book a taxi for our group in 20 minutes.

[The Restaurant]

1. Hello, We have a reservation under the name of Lim party for 9 people.

2. Where are our seats?

3. Can I get menu board?

4. One of my clients is severely allergic to nuts.

5. I can’t eat spices. No coriander(cilantro), please.

6. Can I get the sauce on the side?

7. I think the meat is undercooked. Cook more of this meat please.

[The Store]

1. Is this one-size-fits-all?

2. Does this come in other colors?

3. Do you have this in stock?

4. Do you have the same one in a bigger size?

5. Could you wrap the gift, please?

6. Can I get a receipt?

7. Can I have a refund?

8. I want to exchange it for another product.

9. I think the number is not right.

[The Taxi]

1. Hello, Can you take me from this place to A hotel?

2. Pull over here, please.

3. Can you call me when you get to the Golf course?

4. How long will it take?

5. When we will arrive?

[The Castle or Museum]

1. Where can I buy tickets for the museum?

2. Is this line for buying tickets?

3. How much is the ticket for adults?

4. Do you have a group discount?

5. Could I take some photos here?

6. Where is the restroom?

[The Hospital or Pharmacy]

1. I have a severe headache(두통). I have a sore throat(목부음). I have a sour stomach(속쓰림).

2. I had my ankle sprained.

3. I get chills(오한).

4. Do I need to take medicines?

5. How many pills do I have to take a day?

6. Give me the prescription please.

[Police or Ambulance]

1. My wallet is stolen. I want to report a theft.

2. I am calling to report that I was robbed last night.

3. Someone is hurt here! Call an ambulance for him please.

* 06:15 – quarter past six, 06:45 – quarter to seven, 10:30 – half past ten